Do you know why you are asked to make a formal pledge?

“Isn’t it enough that I put money in the plate each week?” you may ask. The short answer is that a formal pledge helps the church to budget and plan. But the conscious de- cision to make a pledge is important for other, perhaps less obvious, reasons.

Pledging gives the church a priority in our lives. It is part of our covenant of faith, evidence that we put God first, not last, in our lives. Making a commitment in the form of a pledge helps us to be regular and systematic in our giving and lets our church family know that it can count on our financial support – barring any unusual circumstances, of course. Our commitment becomes planned and not just a part of what is left over after our other pledges and commitments have been met.

The fact of making a pledge is actually more important than the amount of the pledge. Making a pledge of your money to the Church is an outward and visible sign of the inward and spiritual grace of your faith.

By pledging, you move from the aggregation to the congregation, the fellowship of active participants within our par- ish family. Jesus talked about the stewardship of our money often. You could summarize all his teaching in his famous sentence: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Of course, your “treasure” includes your time and talents, and all are truly appreciated by this community of faith.

More than just support, your pledge represents your promise. Your commitment that you will be there – that St. Luke’s can count on you. This allows us to plan for the year and the future.