Epiphany Pageant

Our annual intergenerational play.

UTO Box Contributions

Please contribute to UTO via the collection box on
your table at Coffee Hour.

Coffee Hour Hospitality 2019!

Sign-up sheet is available at Coffee Hour.
The hospitality of a simple “cookie & coffee” to be shared by all.

Save the Date!
Sunday, January 27 – Annual Meeting

We will present the 2019 Budget and
new projects for the upcoming year.

Annual Meeting Reports

Reports from Church groups are due
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Reports in Word files may be sent to:

Putting Our Thoughts & Prayers
into Action!

White House/President: 202-456-1111
Representative/Senator: 202-224-3121
Department of Education: 800-872-5327
Department of Justice: 202-353-1555
Department of Homeland Security/ICE Policy: 202-732-4292
Environmental Protection Agency: 202-272-0167

Liturgy Service  Sign-up

All Are Necessary – REALLY!

We need readers, LEMS, ushers and crucifers for Sundays.
We need readers, LEMS, ushers and crucifers!
The Liturgy Servers are an integral part of the service.
Be an active part of St. Luke’s.
Sign-up sheets are at the back of the Church.

EMU Student Food Pantry!

Please bring on Sundays and help fill up the SOS box.
Power bars, soup, coffee & tea, pasta & sauce,
toiletries, personal hygiene, laundry and dish soap..

Pledge payments and donations can be made on-line with PayPal!

Just go to :