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Towner Window

Towner Window

Towner WindowThe Towner Window (Six Apostles Window), memorializes the Towner Family who lived at 303 North Huron for over a century. These included Norman K. Towner and his wife, Jeannette A. Spencer, and their five children: Carrie L. Towner; Guy C. Towner; Anna H. Towner; Tracy Lay Towner; Laura M. Towner. The window depicts symbols of the saints in four medallions:

  • St. Anthony (Bell)
    • The order of monks founded by St. Anthony were allowed to let their pigs run free in medieval England, and tied bells around the pigs to identify them. The bell thus became a symbol of St. Anthony.
  • St. Catherine (Spiked Wheel)
    • St. Catherine was tortured on such a device (now known as a Catherine wheel); however, it broke and she was martyred by beheading instead.
  • St. Stephen (Deacon’s Vestments with Rocks)
    • Stephen is known as Stephen the Deacon, for his role in the early church. He was stoned to death (Acts 6:5-7:60).
  • St. Cecilia (Harp)
    • St. Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians; hence her symbol.
  • St. Boniface (Sword and Book)
    • St. Boniface was martyred by a band of robbers; he held up a Bible toward his attackers, one of whom stabbed him through its pages.
  • St. Augustine (Bishop’s Vestments)
    • St. Augustine was the first bishop in England.
  • St. Christopher (Lantern)
    • St. Christopher is said to have carried the Christ child over a raging river on a dark, stormy night; a hermit on the other bank held a lantern to guide him.
  • St. Lawrence (Gridiron)
    • St. Lawrence was martyred by being grilled alive over a fire.